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Exciting start to 2016

Well we’ve all made it. 2015 ended with a bang in Edinburgh with a Hogmanay spectacular at Edinburgh’s Whistlebinkies (our local). And although January seemed a little quiet, our diary was still pretty busy.

Jojocoke are looking further afield to find some more interesting venues to play and February kicked this off with a trip to the Roadhouse Penicuik. What a cracking local pub, plenty of characters who seemed to all enjoy their rock classics.

Later in the year we have just confirmed our first trip for a while down to the borders, we’ll be visiting the Bridge Inn in Galashiels at the end of March (25th) so if you’re around pop in.

Anyway, wish us luck for 2016 as we move into our 18th year bringing back memories and great-nights with our unique brand of Rock Classics at our regular venues Whistlebinkies, PJ Molloys, Dreadnought Rock Club & The Foresters Arms in Aberdour. Finally, checkout a new venue in Edinburgh – we’ve been lucky enough to play a couple of times at Stramash (Recent visitors were ‘Big Country’), a cracking place in the heart of Edinburgh’s Live Music scene.


2015 Is here – Another year, more live music fun

So we are getting long in the tooth now, some may say experienced… others old. OLD? When Jojocoke started out, we lived in the moment taking each month at a time and not thinking past the next gig. Much hasn’t changed and we still believe living in the moment is the way forward for everyone, young or old!

Our attitude has not changed and our experience will continue to focus on providing the best live music in every venue we have the pleasure of playing. But being that little bit more experienced, we bring with it a smart approach. It is Jojocoke’s job to bring the punters to your venue, but more importantly to keep them there! This is where the experience kicks in and with a mix of quality music, chat and the songs we pick, we reckon that is something we are good at.

2015 is a pivotal year for us, each of us are in our early 40s (STILL YOUNG), and we have never played better as a band. Our outlook remains and we relish the chance to play! If you need a brilliant night at your venue, give us a shout and we will provide a great rate and the chance to get one of the UK’s best loved Classic Rock tribute bands into your local or national venue.


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Live Music in Fife – Forries Pub in Aberdour

We’re now enjoying gigs in Fife, one of our first gigs was at the Gala day in Inverkeithing, in an open-sided lorry. From that point on we fell in love with the people of Fife. They know how to have a great time, are totally bonkers and enjoy good Music. Which is why in recent months we’ve been playing a few venues across the bridge.

We all know the hub that is Edinburgh Live Music Scene, but please remind yourself there are other, sometimes better places that you can enjoy some great music. PJ Molloys is one of those places and it never suprises us how Edinburgh live music can be surpassed easily by a small venue!

The Foresters Arms in Aberdour (The Forries) is another of those surprises. A sleepy village like Aberdour is sandwiched between Dalgety Bay and Burntisland. Set on the main street of the lovely picturesque village and although the bar is pretty small, it hosts a wonderful lounge available for hire (I’m sure). We head in with stripped down equipment to provide some great classic rock songs to the locals and visitors alike.

Finally, we are please to announce we are one of the bands appearing at the Dalgety Bay Relay for Life ONE BIG GIG, this is a great cause and i’d urge everyone to get along although I believe the tickets are very limited – in fact we’ve been told it is already sold out, but i’m sure there will be a couple more available 🙂

We are playing alongside local favourites Band of Gadjis and Stevie Agnew, two artists we’ve been sharing venues with for a while – so glad we’ll be finally meeting up on the day.

Supporting local live music



Jojocoke Live Music in 2014 – 15 years in the making!

Damn, it’s been a while in the same place!

Jojocoke has been our sub-life for over 15 years now. Since our first gig in Girsey Nichols in Bo’ness (Thanks to close friends in a band named Orange) right through to this week that sees us add another new venue to our stretch across Europe (…well Central Scotland).

On Saturday we head to Aberdour, the beautiful sleepy Fife town that has a hunger for live music.

This is in line with our passions, we love to try new things, new venues and find new friends and what better way to do it than doing what we love.

2014 is looking like a cracker already with a few charity gigs lined up and our usual Weekend pub visits, we can’t wait to sample some other delights of Scotland and we are in discussion with a few other venues to get us Rockin closer to you!

Get along soon to catch jojocoke rock out a venue near you. We won’t be far-off.



Live music Maggie Mays via the Cathouse & Jojocoke for O2 Funfest

Stumbled across this article on the Cathouse (Glasgow) website a little while ago – still makes me chuckle! Every live music gig (except 2) have we finished off with this familiar send-off! Always with a smile on our faces!

“blues/classic rock band who do some kick-ass covers of iconic songs like Paint It Black, Alright Now and even Leave Your Hat On. They’re all about the music and carry a true rock n roll attitude, as demonstrated by their final words of the night ‘Thank you, good evening and f**k off!’ my personal favourite quote of the night!”

Take a look


Live music in Dunfermline – PJ Molloys

“PJ Molloys has a unique live venue atmosphere. The surrounding of a comforting Irish public house, with a stage and sound system that rival any venue of the same size in the UK. This mix makes for a memorable gigging experience for fans and bands alike.”

IMHO, PJ Molloys is up there with the best of them, a damn sight better than King Tuts (& smells better) and the atmosphere with all those crazy Fifers is always great.

I do love Dunfermline as they enjoy the same live music we love and apart from a few Oasis / Smiths / Stone Roses requests (NB we don’t do those bands!), but they always love the classic rock sound of Jojocoke.

A humble looking frontage and main bar turns into something special as you descend the steps to the stage area, a first class sound system is backed up with a fantastic stage and lighting that even makes us look good. The bar staff and entertainment staff are a pleasure to work with and they always have stories to tell if you are willing to listen.

Finally, the sound guys – these guys are the heartbeat of any venue and we’ve worked with a few in PJ Molloys, each has their own unique ability to raise a smile or invoke a belly laugh out of you, but they are the best in their field. Not just making it sound good for the punters, but taking care to ensure the artists on stage are looked after.

Our next venture to PJ Molloys will see us introduce some extra songs. Still in the same mould of Classic Rock, we will introduce some more challenging songs to the setlist and we hope you guys will love it.

We will be back in PJ Molloys for some more Live music – catch you there!

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Live music at Cargo with Jojocoke

“That’s Entertainment” is a great live music song by The Jam, they are London based and our small group of friends (live music specialists Jojocoke), headed down to London’s Cargo live music venue to play in a show as part of a terrific live music charity event.

Live music in London.

London’s Cargo venue in Shoreditch (North East of the Centre) of the UK’s Capital City of London – We jumped in the car from Scotland early in the morning to catch the sound check at 4pm. So we were a little late after a detour for a new tyre, and a little bit tired, but as a testament to the sound engineers (and the band), one song was all we needed to make sure the sound guys had done their job correctly.

I do love venues like this. They are world renowned for live music, and it was a wonderful experience to take back to Scotland. The sound, atmosphere, the live music and the talent were all clear to see. Including a fantastic set by Jojocoke who can now say they experienced playing this excellent venue!

It was with surprise when I saw BBC Comedy’s ‘Not going out’, a really funny episode where Tim get’s himself in a band. The show is called “I’ve Always Dreamt of Being in a Band”. When they go to see Tim playing at a local gig, guess where they are playing? Yes… London’s Cargo. It must have been hilarious for my kids watching me shout at the screen saying I’ve played there, class!

Reaction to quality live music.

We went down so well in the venue with a large number of live music fans coming along to see the band and we met a few famous faces, including a certain Dominic Holland who compere’d the event (Yes, Tom Holland’s Dad :)! ). We certainly made an impression as we still keep in touch on twitter.

All in all, a great live-music experience and a chance to catch up with family and friends while down there! Brilliant stuff.


Edinburgh Live music at Whistlebinkies with Jojocoke

The best of Edinburgh Live Music.

Tens of thousands of people already know what a gem Whistlebinkies is. In the centre of Edinburgh just off the Royal mile, Bruce Taverns’ Whistlebinkies is the best late night Edinburgh live music bar in the city. It is no wonder that punters visit the pub and they can always expect a great night in a fantastic pub with the sounds of some great live music (and it is always open really late).

The best bit about Edinburgh live music is the support some pubs give to it. Whistlebinkies must be the best at doing this. What this live music pub does for local Edinburgh live music is second to none. With 3 live bands on a night (5 nights a week), you can see why it is one of Jojocoke’s favourite live music bars on the Edinburgh live music circuit.

Jojocoke have been providing fresh entertainment at Whistlebinkies from 2000 and as we change, so does the pub and it’s staff. It’s always a great atmosphere and aside from a few regulars, ‘Binkies always has the fresh faces of new students every year mixed with global visitors “in the know” always turning up.

Live music under the stairs…who remembers?

I remember playing under the stairs in the hottest venue on the circuit ‘back in the day’. Now a lovely air conditioned temperature looks after the musicians on stage. There is a first class back-line and endless supplies of brilliant sound engineers. This makes Whistlebinkies one of Jojocoke’s favourite venues, get yourself along I’m sure we’ll be playing very soon.

For more information visit For bands looking for a great venue to try out, they can do no better than coming along to the Open Mic Night and get themselves heard. It is a great way to introduce yourself and if you’re any good – you may get a regular slot at Edinburgh’s premium live music gem!


Edinburgh Live music with Jojocoke at the Fringe Festival

So.. it is that time of year again. The buzz increases in Scotland’s Capital City (Edinburgh), the lights go up for the best city festival in the world. Edinburgh Fringe Festival can have it’s scares and disasters but it also brings a smile to visitors faces. The change it brings to the city is remarkable.

Live music Scotland

I always spare a thought on how the artists and performers do it. Travel to Edinburgh, stay in the city, choose a venue, arrange advertising, setup promotion, design the set, event registration, eating, sleeping & drinking amongst many other tasks. The tenacity and the perseverance to bring your art to the people is the only motivation behind this. Unless you are an established act, your costs will be bore by you, your friends and your family. Potentially, a year of saving so you can have the hardest working-holiday in Edinburgh. Eating beans out of a can and making do with the odd can of Tennents 70/- or Guinness if you are lucky. I don’t know about you but it’s not my ideal holiday!

When it comes to the Fringe, Edinburgh Live Music Scotland, the concept is the same and struggling musicians up and down the city are playing for food. Enduring hardship while they bring their Live music to Edinburgh and Scotland. How lucky we are when Jojocoke (and hundreds more artists) get a chance to play their Live music Scotland in Edinburgh at venues involved in the PBH Free Fringe. The story around the PBH Free Fringe is fascinating and it is good to see normal venues opening their doors during the festival supporting these artists. Checkout the PBH Free Fringe for Live Entertainment at Edinburgh’s world class fringe festival.

Jojocoke is lucky enough to play their live music in Edinburgh at one of the venues hosting the PBH Free Fringe. During the day there will be loads of stand-up comedy in the comfort of a cracking bar. We will be bringing our unique sound to Edinburgh’s favourite late night live music venue – Whistlebinkies, after the comedy is over. We are lucky to be joined by our buddies The Demon’s Eye for a great night of Rock and Classic Rock sounds from 9pm (after the live comedy) until the pub closes at 5am so it’s gonna be a long one!

We are lucky to play an established local live music venue in Edinburgh and it feels great to be right in the middle of where it is happening. We will get petrol money and have the luxury of going home afterwards, just think of all the folk struggling to bring their live music to Edinburgh that won’t get that chance …. break a leg guys and I’m sure you wouldn’t have it any other way!